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Flea Control

Flea Control
How to Get Rid of a Flea Iinfestation 

PestProductsOnline.com offers a wide variety of pest products and supplies for eliminating fleas and ticks.
Treat Interior and Exterior

One of our favorite flea control product combinations is either Tengard SFR or Dragnet SFR which both kill the adult fleas.  Another effective Flea Control product is Archer IGR which stops the survivors from reproducing. This Flea Control application typically needs to be done twice in a 30 day period. This treatment is potent and get's the job done - inside and outside.
Treat Your Pet

Don't forget to treat your pet's fleas with Petcor Flea and Tick Spray. Without treating your pet the fleas will hop off and re-infest your home and yard.

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Organic Pest Control section.
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Learn how to get rid of Fleas

Adult fleas are not only a nuisance to humans and their pets, but can cause medical problems including flea allergy dermatitis (FAD), tapeworms, secondary skin irritations and, in extreme cases, anemia. Although bites are rarely felt, it is the resulting irritation caused by the flea salivary secretions that varies among individuals.

Whether your flea infestation is small or large, let PestProductsOnline.com  professional flea control products help you get rid of these insects.