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Control of Gnats

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Bradysia spp. and Sciara sp.

Color: translucent to white with distintive black head capsule
Legs: 6
Shape: narrow, oval
Size: 1/8”
Antennae: yes
Flight: yes

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Adult fungus gnats are small (1/8 inch long), mosquito-like insects, with long legs and antennae. Their two wings are delicate and clear with a Y-shaped vein in the wing pattern.


Both fungus gnats and shore flies thrive in the damp, moist environment that is common in greenhouses. The adult gnat tends to fly in a zig-zag pattern and are attracted to fungi so might be observed near plants with Botrytis sporulation. Females lay their eggs nearby so the larvae have access to a fungal food source.

Health Risks

Because your health can be an issue, let us show you how to get rid of gnats. In laboratory studies, adult fungus gnats carried spores of Pythium, Botrytis, Verticillium, Fusarium and Thielaviopsis as they moved from plant to plant. Spores have also been found in their droppings. It is unclear how important this disease transmission is in commercial greenhouses.

Property Damage

Fungus gnats are most damaging to seedlings, cuttings and young plants.


Adults are attracted to newly planted crops, making it important to thoroughly clean the greenhouse before introducing new crops. Dry, level, weed-free, well-drained floors help eliminate breeding areas. Keeping compost piles away from the greenhouse and cleaning up any spilled media on the floor also helps eliminate breeding areas.

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