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Control of Powderpost Beetles


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Powderpost Beetle control is a must when living in wooded areas. Use the Learning Library menu to navigate this section. Click on a category then click on a species. Our Learning Library is growing. Please send in your request here.
Powder Post Beetles

Powderpost Beetle
Lyctus brunneus

Color: reddish brown to black
Legs: 6
Shape: narrow, oval
Size: 1/8” to 1/4"
Antennae: yes
Flight: yes

Powderpost beetle is a term used to describe several species of wood-boring insects. They can be differentiated by whether they infest soft or hard wood. It's often difficult to determine if an infestation is active or non-active. Adult Powder post beetles are most active at night and are attracted to light.


These insects can be found in dead dried wood and cured lumber. If your home is infested, damage can occur to rafters, joists, flooring, molding, paneling, furniture, antiques, tool handles, and baskets. The Powderpost Beetle control can sometimes be difficult once infestation has occurred. We provide you the knowledge necessary to ridding your home of these insects.

Health Risks

They do not pose any known health risks to humans.

Property Damage

Tiny holes in wood surfaces and powder-like particles are the two revealing signs of damage by these insects. The adult female Powder post beetle lays eggs on or in pores of bare, unfinished wood. The eggs hatch into tiny larvae that tunnel through the wood. One to five years later during warm seasons, the adults emerge through the holes the larvae have eaten out. The adults can use the same wood or go to other wood to lay eggs and start a new life cycle. For Powderpost Beetle control, call Pest Products Online.


Often, wood is infested before it was used to build or before an item was brought into your home; therefore, your best defense is to inspect wood, especially during the warm seasons. Install a moisture barrier and increase ventilation in the crawl space of buildings to reduce moisture to wood. Replace infested wood when holes and powder particles are present.


For Powderpost Beetle Control, we recommend…

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