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How Termidor SC works on Termites

Termidor S.C
There are lots of termite control products available today. But determining which one is best for your home is a simple as learning why Termidor termiticide/insecticide has maintained its status as the #1 termite defense product in the United States for years. Termidor utilizes a unique non-repellent, or “undetectable,” chemical technology, which termites cannot see, smell, taste or avoid. This technology gives Termidor a level of efficiency no other termite control system of any type as ever achieved. Simply put, there is no better choice for termite defense than Termidor. Termidor is applied in low doses and is virtually odorless, so you won’t even know it’s there. You will, however, have no doubts that it works.

Eastern Sub’s

Subterranean Termites are the type most likely to attack your home. Although species vary throughout the United States, all subterranean termites are social insects that nest in underground colonies. There can be millions of termites in a colony, but you may never see any evidence of them-until a pest management professional discovers they’ve seriously damaged your home. In fact, termites cause $5 billion worth of damage each year in the U.S. along-damage not covered by most home owner’s insurance plans.

How Termidor S.C Works

If termites are found in your home, Termidor S.C will not only defeat the current infestation but will also prevent a new infestation from attacking your home. If you don’t currently have termites, or just haven’t found them yet (chances are you have them), Termidor S.C will prevent a colony of termites from turning your home into a free buffet! Termites can’t avoid what they can’t detect. Termidor S.C utilizes an advanced nonrepellent, or “undetectable” liquid technology. That means termites cannot see, smell, taste, or avoid Termidor S.C. Instead, they contact, ingest, and share Termidor S.C, completely unaware that doing so inevitably will kill them. Termidor S.C kills termites in several ways. When termites eat Termidor S.C treated material, they will die. But Termidor S.C doesn’t stop there. It kills Termites by contact as will. And since termites can’t detect its presence, termites directly ingest and contact Termidor S.C as they go about their normal routines. This dual action alone sets Termidor S.C apart from many other termite control products. But the unique “Termidor S.C Transfer Effect” elevates its effectiveness to a whole new level.

“Termidor S.C Transfer Effect.”

Whenever a termite ingests or touches Termidor S.C, it can become a “carrier,” transferring Termidor S.C to other termites it contacts. These termites in turn can become secondary carriers, behaving normally while they transfer Termidor S.C to other termites they contact-and so on within the colony. Because Termidor S.C is slow-acting, individual termites have time to transfer it to others in the population. This unique, spiraling process is called the “Transfer Effect,” and it helps Termidor S.C deliver devastating results to termites in order to maximize protection of your structure.


Termites are everywhere. There are two types of homes in the United States, homes that have termites, and homes that are going to get termites. The best treatment is prevention. If you don’t yet have termites consider yourself lucky, you can treat your home with Termidor S.C, and you won’t have to fix any damage. If you do have termites use Termidor S.C to STOP the infestation in its tracks, then proceed to fixing the damage that they have caused. Termites eat silently and will eat your house to the ground if you aren’t serious about protecting your home. Better safe than sorry, protect your home by Treating with Termidor S.C!

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by Jimmy Burton