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Our Roach Control section features many different products to get rid of roaches. Before treating you need to determine what kind of roaches you are dealing with. The bullet points below can help you do so, then be sure to check out our recommended products section below to find the right solution for your problem.

American Roaches

  • Typically found by themselves.
  • Large brown roaches, sometimes they fly.
  • Often called waterbugs or palmetto bugs.
  • Controlled with the American Roach Kit.

German Roaches

  • Small light brown roaches, sometimes with 2 black stripes.
  • Found in numbers, typically infestations start in the kitchen and branch out.
  • Infestations can quickly grow out of control.
  • The picture on the left is a german roach.
  • Controlled with the German Roach Kit
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