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Taurus SC

by Control Solutions
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Product Description

For perimeter pest treatments mix a 0.06% spray dilution of TAURUS SC by filling the treatment tank 1/4 to 1/3 full with water, then add 0.8 fluid ounces of TAURUS SC. The filling hose must include an air gap to protect against back siphoning. (So don't put the hose down inside your sprayer.) Add more water to the tank while agitating (gently shaking and swirling) to 1 gallon of finished dilution.

Please note: Please be advised that Taurus SC is to be used only according to the methods of application described on the product's label and subject to local law. Please not, the taurus SC label does not contain instructions for application using the technique known as Exterior Perimeter / Localized Interior (EP /LI).

Apply 0.06% of finished TAURUS SC dilution as a low-pressure spray to the exterior of the structure where listed pests enter, trail around the structure or where they crawl and hide. Also apply around any exterior openings where listed pests could enter the structure such as around doors, windows, vents, pipes, foundation cracks or drilled holes. Make sure to treat the joint where exterior siding (wood, vinyl, aluminum or other similar materials) meets the cement, brick or block foundation.

Treat anywhere electrical, cable or telephone wires enter the house. This treatment should be made as a general surface spray, crack and crevice spray, or a wall void application. TAURUS SC may be applied as a foam treatment into wall voids to kill and / or control the above listed pests. Apply 2 quarts of 0.06% finished spray of TAURUS SC per 160 linear feet.
Refer to the “Foam Application” section of this label for specific foam mixing and application instructions.

Except for foam applications made into wall voids,  application is limited to an area 1 foot out from and 1 foot up from were the ground meets the foundation. Do not exceed a maximum of 2 applications per year. Nests found on the ground within 1 foot of the foundation may be treated. Vegetation touching the structure may offer a route for the entry of ants into the structure without coming into contact with the treatment; therefore, remove or prune away any shrubbery, bushes, and tree branches touching the structure.

Other Details

Active Ingredient :
Fipronil ... 9.1%
Target Pests:
Sub-termites, Formosan Termites, Drywood Termites, Asian lady beetles, darkling beetles,Australian, Oriental, and smoky brown cockroaches, Black widow, brown recluse, cellar, and hobo spiders, Box-elder bugs, pill bugs, Brown and dog ticks, Centipede
Not For Sale In:
pump sprayer, foam machine, powered sprayer Container : 20-oz. bottle
For a 0.06% mixture = Mix 0.8 Fluid oz. per gallon of water. One 20-oz. bottle will make 25 finished gallons Apply 2 quarts of 0.06% finished spray of TAURUS SC per 160 linear feet when doing a perimeter ant treatment.

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