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Vector Fly Lights

Vector Fly Lights utilize ultraviolet lights to lure flies to the unit where they are trapped on disposable glue boards.  Fly lights are a very effective Residential or Commercial Fly Killer product. 

Pest Products Online offers the best prices on Vector Classic Fly Light, Vector Discreet Fly Trap, Vector Plasma Fly Machine, Vector Plasma One Fly Machine, Vector Eclipse Fly Light Fly Trap, and the FlyWeb Fly Trap. 

Pest Products Online stocks fly light replacement bulbs and replacement glue boards for every electronic fly killer we sell.

Introducing the Vector Eclipse fly trap, the latest member of the Vector family of superior flying insect control products.

This decorative trap doesn’t look like a bug light and that’s the beauty of it. Its two 15 watt bulbs and Vector Universal Glueboard C provide the performance you need. Like all Vector light traps, the Eclipse is easy to service and install.