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Wasps and Hornets

Wasps & Hornets Control
How to kill wasps and hornets

When dealing with social wasps, protective equipment including a bee hat, long sleeve shirt, coveralls, eye wear, and gloves should be worn. Just removing the nest will not be enough. Surviving wasps/hornets will just construct a new one. This is why, "knowing how" to kill wasps is important.

The best strategy is to treat the nest at night when all the workers and queen are present.
Aerosol Pest Control, Insecticide CONCENTRATES, Pesticide Dust are effective against Wasps/Hornets.

For ways to disperse these insecticides, browse our pest control equipment section and find an effective solution on how to kill wasps in and around your home.

Go Organic? Visit our Wasp and Hornet organic pest control section to control wasps and hornets naturally.

Need Equpment? See our Pest Control Equipment section on how to disperse these Do it Yourself Pest Control Products.


Wasp Freeze and Jet-X Wasp Spray are aerosols and can knock wasps and hornets down 10 to 20 feet away. Dusts are very effective if injected into the opening of the nest. A light application is all you need and will eventually kill all the wasps/hornets as they pass through the opening. A residual liquid insecticide will kill the returning wasps/hornets after the nest is removed.

When you need to know how to kill wasps, think Pest Products Online.

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